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Welcome to Suffolk Softbill Breeders classified section.

This service is offered to you free of charge so you can openly advertise and trade your surplus birds.

We have tried to make this as simple as possible. Just open an account, you only need to do this once, and then advertise your stock.

We know how tiresome it is to keep checking all the bird forums and advertising sites, so we have developed a unique feature that alerts you, via email, to any new adverts that are placed. Please make sure you open an account and tick the box to receive alerts. You will be emailed in the morning with new adverts placed in the last 24 hours.

Please follow these three simple rules when considering using this site:

  1. Advertise only Softbill Birds.
  2. Only advertise birds that comply with current UK legislation.
  3. Please remove your advert after 4 weeks or refresh and repost.

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